spedizione e reso gratuiti
spedizione e reso gratuiti

General terms and conditions of teh contract


Art.1) Recitals

These general conditions and terms are applicable to all orders placed on the website www.rentyourwish.com  between: REWI SRL – registered office in via Leonardo Da Vinci 16, 50132 Florence, VAT number and Tax Code 06971790487 – which carries out a service of rental and sale of bags through its website www.rentyourwish.comand any person hereafter referred to as ‘Customer‘ who wishes to make use of the services offered by REWI SRL through the website mentioned above. The following can benefit from the services offered by the website www.rentyourwish.com: any person over 18 years of age; anyone who has a home located in Italy and/or within one of the EU member countries; having an account with a credit institution located in their territory; a credit card; a valid identity card and/or passport and/or driving license; an email address. These general conditions of sale were updated on 01/06/2020.

Art.2) Purpose

These terms and conditions are intended to define the method of carrying out all the services offered by REWI SRL through its website www.rentyourwish.com.

Art.3) Information on the contract

Any person who signs or places an order with the www.rentyourwish.com site accepts these conditions entirely and irreversibly. However, the contract between REWI SRL and the Customer is valid and definitively concluded from the date of acceptance of the order with REWI SRL, which will be made official by sending a confirmation e-mail to the Customer. REWI SRL reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason. On the date of acceptance by REWI SRL, the contract must be considered concluded. Any order signed by the Customer with a double click constitutes an irrevocable acceptance.

Art.4) Luxury bag rental service

4.1 Duration of the rental service:

The customer can choose between 2 different types of rentals: rent for a period of one week/7 days; rent for a period of two weeks/14 days. The Customer can request to renew the rental, subject to availability of the bag in question, for an additional period of time equal to the duration of their initial rental (7 or 14 days), by making a request to REWI SRL through the e-mail address rewisrl@legalmail.it  before the expiry of the fifth day before returning the rented bag. The payment for the renewal (including the renewal of the security deposit under art. 4.2.) will be made by credit card, according to the instructions provided by REWI SRL. REWI SRL reserves the right to accept or refuse any rental renewal request made by the Customer for any reason.

4.2 Rental prices:

The price for any type of rental is available on the website www.rentyourwish.com. REWI SRL reserves the right to change rental prices at any time. However any changes to the rental price chosen by the Client will only be applied after the rental period of a bag or, in other words, after the return of the bag. The payment of the order takes place at the time of the order by credit card. To guarantee the obligations assumed under this contract, REWI SRL will require the Customer, in addition to the rental price, to pay a security deposit equal to the amount of the rental. This sum will be returned to the Customer no later than 5 days from the return of the rental bag in perfect condition.

4.3 How to place a order:

The Client cannot rent multiple bags at the same time. REWI SRL accepts the order of a new Customer when the bag that was previously rented returns. REWI SRL sends the Customer an order confirmation indicating: the date of delivery of the package to the courier; the number of packages (which allows you to track the shipment online); the expected date for the return of the bag; information about the courier.

4.4 Delivery:

Delivery is made by a courier appointed by REWI SRL to the address specified by the Customer on registration or any other address given by them when placing the order. The delivery contains: the bag wrapped in a protective bag; the instructions to follow to re-wrap the bag for return; the material provided to return and close the package; the prepaid return slip to be given to the courier; prepaid transport insurance during the return; a photo of the rented bag certifying the condition before the rental. In the event that the Customer finds that the conditions of the bag do not correspond to the information provided by REWI SRL in the order confirmation e-mail and/or in the attached photo, they must: notify REWI SRL of the discrepancy of the bag received by e-mail at the  address rewisrl@legalmail.it, or by telephone at the number on its website, within one hour from the date of receipt of the package.

NB: the Customer is obliged to send REWI SRL an identity document or passport before the shipment is made by e-mail to the address rewisrl@legalmail.it. In case of refusal by the Customer, the delivery will not take place.

4.5 Calculation of the rental period:

The first day of rental starts from the day of receipt of the bag by courier as specified in the order confirmation e-mail referred to in Art. 4.3. The deposit receipt provided by REWI SRL will prevail between the parties. The rental period is calculated following the calendar days (for 7 days we mean 6 nights and for 14 days 13 nights). If the last day is a day on which the courier is closed, it will be the first day of reopening by the courier. The Customer must keep the receipt as proof of delivery to the courier.

4.6 Return of the bag:

The Client must return the bag when the rental ends. The Customer undertakes to return the bag exclusively in the original prepaid and insured package. The Customer must make sure to provide the courier with all the return slips and to follow the return instructions provided by REWI SRL; otherwise they will be held responsible in case of loss of the product. If the Customer damages, breaks or throws away the original package, they must contact REWI SRL. It is also established that in this case the customer will return the bag in a similar package, at their own expense, using a cardboard quality equal to that used by REWI SRL to ship the bag. The Customer must also provide for transport conditions exactly the same as those offered by REWI SRL. In case of lack of insurance for the return, loss, theft or damage to the bag during transit, the Customer must compensate the damage to REWI SRL, as provided for by Art. 4.9.

4.7 Rental term expired:

In the event that the Customer does not return within the established term, REWI SRL will have the right to charge the Customer a penalty, for each day of delay, corresponding to 20% of the rental price of the rented bag. Within the fifth day of delay in returning the bag, the Customer will receive a formal letter from REWI SRL containing a warning to return the bag. In the event that the Customer does not return the bag or does not provide proof of the return of the bag, the Customer must pay REWI SRL the full price of the bag for the replacement of it as defined under point 4.9. In the event that the Customer does not agree to pay the charges described above, REWI SRL reserves the right to take legal action against the same.  

4.8 Use oh the bag during the rental:

The Customer undertakes to use the bag with the attention and precautions necessary to avoid damage. They assume physical and legal custody under their own responsibility. In particular, they undertake to use the protective bag delivered for this purpose for transport and storage. They will avoid: exposing the bag to any potential source of damage such as dust, changes in temperature, sun, humidity, shock; do not clean the bag using any type of cloth or without strictly following the instructions provided by REWI SRL; leave the bag out of the reach of children; do not put anything in the bag that could stain the lining or tear it. The Customer undertakes to use the rented bag for strictly personal use only. Thus it is forbidden to sub-lease the bag, to let other people use it and to make any commercial or professional use of it.

4.9 Loss, theft or damage to the rented bag:

In case of loss, theft or damage to the rented bag (stains, tears, scratches, burns, etc.), the Customer must communicate to REWI SRL via e-mail at the address rewisrl@legalmail.it or at the telephone number indicated on the website www.rentyourwish.com and make a police report within 24 hours of the occurrence of the event. In the event of damage to the bag, the Customer undertakes not to repair the damage to the bag in his possession. They will return the bag within 24 hours. If the courier is closed, the bag will return on the first day the courier reopens. Any return of the bag in a state other than that established in this contract and in a manner different from the photo taken before the rental and attached to the shipment, constitutes damage to the bag. REWI SRL reserves the right to charge the Customer: in the event of repairable damage – the costs of repairing the bag on presentation of an invoice; in the case of irreparable damage – the price of the bag for its replacement; in the event of loss or theft, the price of the bag for its replacement. All market prices of the replacement bags will be clearly indicated at the time of rental of the chosen bag (“Retail Price”) REWI SRL. The Customer undertakes to compensate REWI SRL for the cost of the bag to be replaced and it is expressly forbidden to take any action to prevent REWI SRL from recovering the amount due for the replacement of the bag. Otherwise it will have to take legal action against the Customer. Each bag has a GPS system that ensures its traceability. The Customer agrees not to spoil the return package, not to replace the rented bag with any other bag and not to replace it with a fake. Anyone who returns bags that are not the ones rented will be treated by REWI SRL as if the bag had been lost or stolen. In the event that the returned bags have been counterfeited, REWI SRL reserves the right to take legal action against the Customer.

4.10 Promotions:

The promotions are implemented on the site through the use of promotional discount codes on the total of the cart (absolute discount or in %) that are issued by REWI SRL to its Customers. All discount codes will have a defined time validity.

Art.5) General Provisions

5.1 Placing an order online:

To place an order online, you must enter a series of information items one after the other on the screen. When the Customer confirms the order, they accept all the terms and conditions listed in this contract entirely and without any reservation. They will then be required to provide their bank details (credit card number and expiration date) for online payment. The Client will be able to print a summary of the transaction including the date, the subject of the service and the price. Since the means of the transaction is the bank, REWI SRL takes the customer’s order and sends a detailed receipt by e-mail. This informs the Customer of their order number, the exact amount charged and the delivery times and terms. This constitutes acceptance of your order and that the transaction has been made. The Customer’s order is thus validated and they will receive their product. However REWI SRL reserves the right not to accept any order in the event that it has had a dispute with the Customer about a payment for a previous order. If, in the event of REWI SRL experiencing an unforeseeable event beyond its control, an ordered bag becomes impossible to deliver, REWI SRL informs the Customer via e-mail and will return the amount paid for the product. All orders are stored on the REWI SRL server. The customer accepts that the registration systems of REWI SRL are considered reliable proof of order on the date of the order.

5.2 Price:

The prices are in Euros. They include Italian VAT. Other costs include shipping materials (package and carton materials) applicable to orders and are listed in the orders. Shipping costs are borne by REWI SRL provided that all the terms and conditions listed in this contract are respected. Price changes, VAT and shipping costs cannot be changed after the Customer receives his order confirmation e-mail.

5.3 Terms of payment:

Unless otherwise established in the order or in these conditions, REWI SRL must be paid by credit card or through Paypal and/or ApplePay systems, online payment tools with high standards of protection. No banking information is communicated to the Customer or to REWI SRL through the website www.rentyourwish.com.

5.4 Payment error:

REWI SRL has the right to refuse an order if there are disputes regarding a previous order or for any other reason. Any amount due and not paid immediately will result in the accrual of interest in the percentage measure equal to 1.5 times the percentage of the legal interest rate for the entire period between the date of payment of the amount due and until its complete payment, without the need to send any communication or notification.

5.5 Delivery Terms:

The bags will be delivered to the address specified when the Customer registers or to the address provided during the order. It is understood that the courier is selected by REWI SRL and is indicated in the order confirmation e-mail. Delays in the delivery time cannot result in any cancellation of the order, reduction in the price paid by the Customer, and the Customer cannot request any payment for damages from REWI SRL. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the conformity of the product at the time of shipment and before signing the courier’s delivery receipt to indicate on the shipment all reservations accompanied by their signature. These checks are considered to be made when the Customer or any person authorized by them signs the delivery note. If at the time of delivery, the original cardboard has been damaged, torn or opened, the Customer must check the condition of the product. If the product has been damaged, the Customer must refuse the package and make a reservation on the shipment (package refused because it was opened or damaged). The Customer must also send these reservations to REWI SRL by e-mail within 24 hours.

5.6 Privacy Information:

The Customer expressly agrees to interact with REWI SRL, and to provide REWI SRL with accurate information or any change in the information provided, including changes of address or bank details. The Customer undertakes to keep their login and access code confidential; they are strictly personal. The Customer will be considered solely responsible for all damages resulting from the disclosure to third parties of this information, access code and login.

5.7 Properties:

All the elements that make up www.rentyourwish.com respect the rights and intellectual properties according to Italian and international law. All property rights are reserved, including the iconography rights and the photographic material presented on the website. The trademarks reproduced on the site are registered by the companies to which they belong. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, show, operate, use or distribute all or part of that presented on the website by any means.

5.8 Responsibility:

The photographs illustrating the products are not subject to the contract. The Customer is aware of the fact that the products appearing on the website are indicative only. Alterations can occur during the photographic process. REWI SRL cannot be responsible for having breached the contract in case of lack or unavailability of the product in case of failure by the courier to fulfill its obligations including any delay or non-delivery (loss, theft, damage to the package in particular) . REWI SRL cannot be held responsible for the breach of the contract as a result of situations caused by force majeure, failure or total or partial strike of the transport service and/or floods, fires, acts of terrorism, war. REWI SRL cannot be held responsible in the event that the site is not available due to technical problems on the server or of the company that holds the hosting, or in the event of traffic interruption for any reason. For any event, the total amount as compensation that REWI SRL may have to pay to the Customer as compensation for damages or for any other reason, is limited between the parties to the value of the transaction at the origin of the damage. It is expressly established by agreement between the parties that in the event of termination of the contract for any reason and at any time, this clause will prevail.

5.9 Filing and Proofing of Documents:

The information saved in the computer system of REWI SRL and its partners in safe conditions will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties. The compilation of purchase orders and invoices is done in a responsible and reliable way.

5.10 Law enforcement and jurisdiction:

These conditions are subject to Italian law. The competent court in the event of disputes will be the domicile of REWI SRL, since deliveries depart from its address.